I then develop an algorithm for the calculation of a Chtelet basis of an ideal from any set of generators for that ideal. This is closely related to Buchberger's algorithm for Grbner bases in other polynomial rings. Using these algorithms and the knot diagram tables in the program Knotscape I calculate Chtelet bases for the Alexander ideals of all prime knots of up to 14 crossings.

Think of the word steroid and a barrage of negative connotations spring to mind: Ben Johnson's Pyrrhic victory at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Lance Armstrong's unrelenting ascent up France's highest peaks, even Raoul Moat's murderous final days on the run in Newcastle. We tend to consider steroids as an unknown evil, the refuge of cheats and madmen. It's easy to forget that GPs prescribe them to patients on a regular basis..

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