UW-IT Integrated Platform | System Design & Dev

My Role
UX Designer, UX Researcher

My Responsibilities
User Research, Iterative Design, Prototyping (low to high-fidelity)

UXPin, iPad Procreate

UW IT provides university employees with three main data tools that tap into the UW Electronic Data Warehouse. These three platforms were developed at different points in time and with different intentions. BI Portal, UW Profiles and Knowledge Navigator aim to answer both operational and analytical questions of the institution. Our team proposes the development of an integrated platform along with an adaption plan to address the following concerns of UW-IT:


  • Repetitive effort in maintaining six codebases
  • Inconsistent branding among the three platforms
  • Excessive communication effort in resolving tickets & developing new functions


  • An integrated platform reducing the codebase to two
  • A long-term system adaption plan
  • GitLab collaboration & GitLab CI/CD for UW-IT developers and managers



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